Meditation Series

––Jeffrey S. Gruber




          My paintings I find belong to the genre of visionary art, taking influence from Blake, Escher, Tobey. They are mystical and spiritual in content, while employing a kind of articulation or binding of space in their construction of form. Such binding of space may be achieved through the tessellation or aggregation of specific shapes or strokes, as pixels or quanta, or interstitial tracings. In this respect many partake of styles reminiscent of Van Gogh, Mark Tobey, Richard Pousette-Dart. Others express vision through mathematical metaphor and bind space with mathematical principle, as the works of M. C. Escher, George Tooker. Thus they encourage an interaction between painter/viewer and the painting in the apprehension of their imagery, just as they exhibit a play between figure and ground, or mathematical relativity, in their design. The paintings are often inspired by, or meditate or reflect upon, Bahá’í Scriptural verse or other scriptural text.